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Flash of Brilliance Prototypes

Flash of Brilliance Prototype

Flash of Brilliance Prototype

Flash of Brilliance Prototype

Flash of Brilliance Prototype


Our Story
Stevie taught me everything I know.
Entertaining a one-year-old isn't easy. Especially when he's my kid, Stevie. But I tried. Goodness knows, I tried.

Stevie had a voracious appetite for learning. He constantly wanted to know what things were. So I began to tell him, one by one.

"Telephone," I would say.

"Ammarffrrghth," Stevie would say.

"Ball," I would say.

"Aaaaiiyyyy," Stevie would say.

And on we went, never realizing that something big was happening.

Stevie nails it.
One day while we were playing, somewhere between the drooling and the squealing, Stevie's reactions gave me an idea.

I scattered a few items on our living room floor. "Where's the ball, Stevie? Ball?" Without hesitation, Stevie scrambled over to the pile and picked it right up.

I was thrilled. I was proud. I couldn't believe it. Before he had even learned to talk, he could identify all of our playthings.

Stevie wants the real thing.
It wasn't long after that I began taking photographs of all kinds of objects outside of the house and showing them to Stevie. We were having fun, but we were also learning. He was forming words and building his vocabulary, right before my eyes.

I started to show him store-bought flashcards, just to keep up. But they were unsatisfactory, and I was concerned I might be feeding him bad information.

What kind of information? Too many cards didn't show the actual item being named. They were cartoons, or photographs of stuffed animals. I wanted Stevie to know what an elephant looked like, not what a stuffed elephant looked like.

I wanted him to learn more, too. Not just the names of things, but where they came from and what they ate. And the cards were too flimsy and didn't hold up long. I wanted them to endure what Stevie could put them through.

Which is how Flash of Brilliance was born.

Kids never stop learning.
I've created these cards to help my son learn from a very young age. And they will help your children too. Not only right away, but later on, as well.

When your child plays with Flash of Brilliance, he'll love the realistic, colorful photographs, and have fun learning all the names. But as he gets older, he'll revisit his childhood game and experience it on a new level, with facts and trivia about the pictures of the animals he knows and loves. And the sturdy cards will look like you just took them out of the package.

Children are eager to learn. And thanks to Stevie, yours will, again and again. Flash of Brilliance will be a treasure they'll enjoy in different, wonderful ways, for years to come.

Keep having fun,
John Richardson



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